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Arjuna EV UGM Won The Sustainable Electric Vehicle Design Competiton in the Formula E Jakarta 2022

JAKARTA (04/06) –  Arjuna Electric Vehicle (EV) Team from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) won 1st place in the Sustainable Electric Vehicle Design competition organized by the Formula Jakarta E-Prix from April 21 until the race day which is held on June 4, 2022. This achievement was accomplished thanks to our continuous learning after successfully winning 1st place in a national car design competition organized by PLN in an event called Innovation & Competition in Electricity (ICE) in 2021.

Jakarta Formula E-Prix 2022 is the first electric formula car racing event held by FIA Formula E in Indonesia. Before the race day, the organizers held various public competitions in order to promote global warming awareness in accordance with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). One of the competitions is the Sustainable Electric Vehicle Design competition which is participated by various top universities in Indonesia.

In the Sustainable Electric Vehicle Design competition, the Arjuna EV UGM team brought the concept of an environmentally friendly SUV-type electric car named “ARCANA”. Head of the Mechanical Department of the Arjuna EV UGM Team, Muhammad Raihan Hilmy, stated that the Arjuna Car for Indonesia (ARCANA) car has an overall length of 3,905 meters, 1.85 meters in width, 1,582 meters in height, plus a 2,775 meters wheelbase. ARCANA has 1,900 kilograms gross weight with 450 liters of luggage storage capacity. With that said, we’re expected to able to provide excellent driving comfort for ARCANA drivers.


Based on the design by the Arjuna EV UGM Team, ARCANA has three driving modes, normal mode with a maximum speed of 97.4 km/h, eco mode with a maximum speed of 76.6 km/h, and sport mode with a maximum speed of up to 154.5 km/h.

ARCANA has its own driving control system called Arjuna Smart Mobility (ASM). Arjuna Smart Mobility (ASM) acts as an intelligent system composed of processing units, actuators, and various other sensors. Arjuna Smart Mobility (ASM) was engineered carefully to meet the requirements of SAE Levels of Autonomous SAE J30613. Thus, the control system in the ARCANA can be highly-automated run where the driving control will be run likely by the system dynamically expecting that the driver will respond appropriately when there is an emergency situation that requires human intervention.

According to the data specifications, the ARCANA car is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that has a 107 kW fast charging feature with the ability to charge from 10 to 80 percent in 43 minutes. ARCANA vehicle users only need to charge the vehicle for 12 minutes, which is equivalent to 100 kilometers.



The Head of the Electronics Department of the Arjuna EV UGM Team, Leonard Fidelcristo Supit, stated that Arjuna EV UGM participation in the Sustainable Electric Vehicle Design Competition organized by the Formula Jakarta E-Prix was such an opportunity for us to test and hone our skills and knowledge in the aspect of car and electricity technology, furthermore to managing a good business plan.

Aside from being a place to develop our potential and knowledge regarding the development of electric cars, especially in Indonesia, the Vice Head of the Mechanical Department of the Arjuna EV UGM Team, Dasta Muhammad Ghaly, stated that during the competition our team has built such quite chemistry and cooperation between team members than the previous competition. Going through several stages in the Sustainable Electric Vehicle Design Competition which was not easy, the Arjuna EV UGM Team felt that we had gained a lot of new experiences as we learned together so that we could achieve the team’s target. Participating in an international competition, the Arjuna EV UGM team also had the opportunity to meet in person with many well-known entities who have a similar vision and mission exchanging ideas and knowledge.

The Captain of the Arjuna EV UGM Team, Thariq Faros, hopes that the Arjuna EV UGM Team able to continuously participate in the development of electric vehicle research and innovation advancing Indonesia’s electric car industry, especially with the full support from the government. Therefore, fellow students who are interested in getting into electric vehicle research, don’t be discouraged to keep working and do your best because one-day electric vehicles estimated will be inclusively available in all types of Indonesian transportation.

Currently, the UGM Arjuna EV Team is competing in the Pi-EV Formula Bharat India event that’s held online. The Arjuna EV UGM Team is looking for another achievement after last year getting the Best Battery Design Award and winning the 3rd Place Team Management Report. In addition, at the end of this year, the Arjuna Team also aims to take part in the Formula SAE Australasia race which will take place in Victoria, Australia in December 2022. The Arjuna EV UGM team expects to have the opportunity to participate and bring back the name of the nation in the international arena. To achieve that, the Arjuna EV UGM team certainly really needs support from various parties and seeks various kinds of support that will be given to us, including sponsorship cooperation.

Sponsored by PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), PT Pembangkitan Jawa-Bali (PJB), Perkumpulan Industri Kendaraan Listrik Indonesia (Periklindo), PT Indonesia Steel Tube Works (ISTW), Würth Elektronik (WE), PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)


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