Press Release Formula Student Electric Vehicle Concept Challenge 2020

Arjuna EV UGM won the title of 2nd Best Overall Event in the international competition of the 4th Annual Formula Student Electric Vehicle (FSEV) Concept Challenge 2020 which was held online under the name Formula Bharat, India. This is the first time Arjuna has participated in the competition and has succeeded in bringing various proud achievements in its first experience.

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, it does not hinder the enthusiasm of Arjuna to continue to innovate and develop research on electric cars that have been initiated since 2012. The achievements of Arjuna prove that this team is adhering to its commitment as a team that is active every year to continue learning. and hone skills in the development of electric car technology. This achievement also proves to the international community that Indonesia’s next generation is ready to face environmentally friendly electric car technology in the future.

The Formula Student Electric Vehicle (FSEV) Concept Challenge 2020 competition is a competition organized by Curiosum Tech Private Limited under the name of Formula Bharat India which aims to encourage student car teams to switch to developing research on electric car technology. This year is the fourth year the competition has been held, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is mandatory for it to be held online. This competition consists of 6 categories, namely FMEA Report, Procurement Strategy Report, Team Management Report, DSS Report, Presentation Delivery, and Q&A Session which takes place from 26 June 2020 until the peak night of the awards on 22 July 2020. For the report category, files reports are uploaded for each category on the official FSEV Bharat page. For the Presentation Delivery category, the team was asked to make a 15-minute video presentation on Electric Package Design and Thermal Management. And finally, for the Q&A Session competition category which is the final and most crucial stage, the jury will review the results of the reports that have been collected. This year, the FSEV Concept Challenge competition was attended by 37 teams from the USA, India and Indonesia.

The awards that Arjuna won include 2nd Place Best Team Management Strategy, Notable Mention for EV Design Overall Choice, and Notable Mention Kaizen Guru. Coupled with achievements in several categories such as 2nd Place Battery Design, 3rd Place Powertrain Design, 4th Place Procurement Report, 4th Place Design Specification Sheet, 4th Place Presentation Delivery, 7th Place Q&A Session, 12th Place FMEA Report, bringing Arjuna Team as 2nd Place Best Overall Event with a total score of 315.2. The achievements made by the Arjuna UGM Team cannot be separated from the hard work and dedication of the team to continue to be committed to developing and innovating for electric car research. Christopher Tangguh Bayu, as the head of the competition team, stated that the initial goal of Arjuna to participate in this competition was as a place to hone the team’s skills and at the same time seek new experiences so that they could gain a lot of knowledge about electric car technology, finance, and good team managerial. . “Since the beginning, our goal was to learn and gain experience, getting this achievement is a bonus from our learning results, the rest we can gain knowledge and experience that is valuable and useful for Arjuna’s future.” said Bayu.

Initially, Arjuna was an electric car team that annually participated in the Japan Formula Society Automotive Engineer (FSAE) international competition held in Shizouka Prefecture, Japan. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, it resulted in the cancellation of the competition. Arjuna did not waste the opportunity to continue to develop its innovation in the midst of this pandemic, and decided to take part in its first online competition at the 2020 FSEV Concept Challenge. “In accordance with our vision of becoming one of the best Formula Student teams in Asia, we continue to strive by innovating. and prove the results of our electric car research in each race. Thanks to the positive results of this competition, it has made us even more determined to prepare for our main event in FSAE Japan 2021. ” said Farhan Iqbal as the head of the 8th generation Arjuna EV UGM. In the future, the team is committed to continuing to evaluate and also improve the development of electric cars through the knowledge that has been obtained. It is hoped that the Arjuna EV UGM can further boast the name of Indonesia as a team of students who excel in the international arena as well as prove that Indonesia’s young generation is ready to face environmentally friendly electric car technology.

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