Arjuna Electric Vehicle Team UGM Won the Best Electric Car Battery Design in the International Competition FSEV Concept Challenge 2021

Arjuna Electric Vehicle Universitas Gadjah Mada has won their second awards of this year.  After successfully winning the First Place of Car Design in a national competition that was held by Indonesia’s national electricity company PLN Innovation & Competition in Electricity (ICE) 2021 in June, the team has again won another competition on an international level in the 5th Annual FSEV Concept Challenge (FSEV 2021). As an annual competition, this has been the second time the team has participated in the competition. This year, Arjuna EV UGM has won the title Best Battery Design, 3rd Place of Team Management Report, and became the finalist in the category of Software and Intelligence Integration. The competition itself was held during 30 July 2021 – 4 August 2021 in India and was attended by a total of 31 teams from India, Turkey, and Indonesia.

Winning the award of Best Battery Design in an international scale meant that Arjuna EV UGM has been recognized for their hard work results. To win this award, the team needs to deliver a clear goal towards the needs of power and vehicle energy with compact battery arrangement and safety. The safety in the system is an important matter to highlight in a design that was made with the selection of materials, Battery Management System (BMS) integration, and good selection of electrical components.

Head of Arjuna EV UGM’s competition, Muhammad Raihan Hilmy had stated that the team’s goals upon participating for the second time in the competition is to gain more experiences and knowledges as well as feedbacks from the judges in order to prepare next year’s team and the concept design of the car.

The fifth annual competition that has been held by Curiosum Tech Private Limited under the name of Formula Bharat India aims to give international students an opportunity to concept and design Formula Student Electric Vehicle Powertrain as well as assess the team’s knowledge regarding managing systems in the electric vehicle industry. This year the competition was held in six different categories which are Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Report, Procurement Strategy Report, Team Management Report, Software Integration Report, Design Specification Sheet Report (DSS), and Engineering Design Presentation (EDP).

Before the COVID-19 pandemic emergence, Arjuna EV UGM were initially active to participate in the annual Japan Formula Society Automotive Engineer (FSAE) that was held on an international scale in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. However, due to the unprecedented pandemic that is still running havoc this year, Formula SAE Japan did not accept any international participant and made the competition exclusive for national participants in Japan. Although Arjuna EV UGM could not compete in Formula SAE Japan again this year, such things did not hinder the team’s spirit and motivation to keep on learning and innovating.

“This has proven that the young generation of Indonesia could participate in the development of the civilized world’s electric car”, said the current captain of Arjuna EV UGM’s 9th generation, Inherenta Muhammad Amarutsli. On top of that, Inherenta had also stated that Arjuna Electric Vehicle UGM has a vision to become the best research-based electric car team especially in Asia as a form of contribution in Indonesia’s environmentally friendly electric car development. Other than that, Arjuna EV UGM’s active evaluation has become one of the important activities in order for the team to create improvements in the future’s electric car development.


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